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The Fee Based Advantage

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for."

Robert Kiyosaki

Unlike some advisors who earn commissions on sales of investment products, we almost exclusively offer fee-based investment and wealth management services*. As a fee-based wealth management firm, you can be assured that Bagby Wealth Management will provide you with unbiased investment and financial planning advice. In most circumstances, no commissions will be involved in our investment advice or investment management*. In this way, your financial consultant's compensation is ultimately based on the performance of your investments. As your investments increase in value, so will your consultant's compensation. We believe this approach puts the incentive where it belongs - on the long-term performance of your investments.

Through this approach, Bagby Wealth Management will design and manage a portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and is designed to meet your objectives now and in the future. Whether you are driven by dreams for retirement, college aspirations for the kids or grandkids, saving up for a dream home or simply minimizing taxes - our team approach at Bagby Wealth Management will help you pursue your goals.

Contact Us to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn how a fiduciary approach to managing your investment assets can help you pursue your long-term goals.

*Objective fee-based investment advice and wealth management services constitute over 99% of our revenue generated. Less than 1% of our revenue comes from commissioned products through an affiliated company, Bagby Financial Services, Inc. The 1% is generated, on occasion, when our advisors write a life insurance policy or use another commissionable product for a client through this affiliated company.