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About Us

Bagby Wealth Management is a fee-based financial planning firm located in Dexter, Missouri. We have been assisting individuals, businesses, and families with their holistic wealth management needs since 1984.

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, Bagby Wealth Management uses outside qualified custodial firms to hold funds for our clients. Having SIPC insured accounts means that your portfolio is secure, and your peace of mind is all but guaranteed.

Our mission is to provide wealth management services as well as tactical and strategic investment advice to help our clients build, preserve and utilize wealth. The services we provide are vast as well as comprehensive, and our team-based approach means that every aspect of your financial life is considered and accounted for in your customized strategy.

Throughout the planning process, you will be supported by a network of experienced professionals who are committed to guiding you toward your personal and professional financial goals. Along the way, our team of client service specialists will further assist you so that nothing is left up to chance. From filing paperwork, to processing your deposits, to getting answers to your most important questions - our team will be there to help navigate and guide you on a path that leads to the achievement of your goals.

Today is the perfect day to start planning for a future of confidence, security and financial prosperity. Give Bagby Wealth Management a call to begin your personal financial journey, today.